C4Southlands006A warm welcome to Southlands High School. Let me take the opportunity to explain why I have confidence that Southlands High School is the ideal learning environment for you and your child. 

As parents and carers, I am certain your priority is to ensure that your child accesses a full learning experience which best suits them and enables them to reach their fullest potential, allowing them to be successful throughout their lives, whatever that means to them. My priority, along with the highly committed, professional and ambitious staff at Southlands High School, is to make it become a reality.

At Southlands High School we will endeavour to help every child meet life’s situations. We will not shield them from difficulty but give them the strength to face it. We will not protect them from making mistakes but help them to learn from them. We will teach our students that life is not easy but they have the ability to deal with its challenges with courage. When our students are vulnerable, we will protect them. 

At Southlands, we believe that academic achievement and personal growth for every child goes hand in hand; therefore there is high expectation and high ambition for each and every student in terms of their learning and progress and in the mutual respect we hold for each other in our learning community. 

Our school days are about more than exam results; they are about friendships and experiences, opportunities and adventures; so I am determined as the Headteacher of Southlands High School along with my whole staff, to ensure that the Southlands Spirit for Success underpins all that we do and all that we achieve.

I believe there are no limits to what a young person can achieve when they are afforded the right levels of encouragement and support; when they experience high quality teaching and learning each and every day and when there is strong partnership between students; their parents/carers and our school community. Working together we can unlock potential.

I look forward to welcoming families and visitors to our school, so that you can see these words in action!

Kerry L Millar