Resistant Materials

Technology Head

Mr Howorth is the Curriculum leader for Design and Technology. He finds it extremely rewarding to be able to shape and mould the Designers and Engineers of the future as they problem solve and manufacture through emerging eyes.

‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.’
Steve Jobs

Year 10

The opportunity to design, make and evaluate will be given in design and make assignments in which students will work on needs arising from real life including existing products.

Focused practical tasks will be tackled periodically which will be skill and knowledge based and directly relevant to their design and make assignment.

In Year 10 the students will build on their prior skills from Year 9 as they begin to refine their techniques to ultimately enable them to complete the coursework element.

The students will choose a topic in the summer term of Year 10 which constitutes 60% of the final G.C.S.E grade.

Year 11

The students coursework is carried out as a controlled assessment for a period of 40 hours.

When designing and making students must identify appropriate sources of information and use them to help generate ideas.

They will investigate familiar products to help develop their ideas. They develop design specifications and use these to formulate a design proposal.

They consider the future of their products and design for product maintenance.

They make preliminary 3 dimensional models to explore and test their design thinking and use formal drawing methods to communicate their intentions.

Students will then produce plans, which predict the time needed to carry out their choice of materials and components appropriate tools, equipment and processes.

They must work skilfully and precisely and ensure fine finishing to produce their quality product. They then test and evaluate their products in use and identify ways of improving them. Typically students may work on assignments based on storage, toys and furniture.