Physical Education

Mr Bird, B.A. Sport Science / Geography (University of Chester) and MSc Sociology of Sport (University of Leicester), is the Curriculum Leader for PE. He is assisted by Mrs Hurst and a highly motivated and talented team. He is rightly proud of the success of the faculty which has produced 26 County Champions and 2 National Finalists.

Consistently high exam performance and many opportunities for those who just wish to participate make PE at the school broad, balanced and aspirational.

Year 7

From the moment the students arrive at Southlands, the PE staff make every effort to welcome and encourage the students to participate in as much PE as possible.  There is also a deliberate effort to give the students as broad a skill base as possible.  In this way the curriculum very much feeds into the extra curriculum .

PE for Boys has a big focus on football, basketball, volleyball, rugby and fitness.  In summer there is an emphasis in both girls and boys on athletics and cricket.

PE for Girls largely focuses on netball, basketball, football, fitness, volleyball  and handball in the winter.  The summer focus is on rounders. 

Year 8

The Year 8 curriculum follows the same pattern as year 7.

Both winter and summer programmes are deliberately structured as similarly as possible. 

Within the subject areas of the curriculum lessons are taught in greater breadth and depth. 

The students are given a broader range of skills as well as mastering the same skills at a higher level. 

In the teams sports there is more game related play.  Students enjoy this and it gives them the chance to perform what they have learned in a game related context. 

Again the PE Department is proud of the way this specific curriculum design has led to such success. 

Year 8 boys boast County Champions at football and basketball as well as District Champions at football, where the girls proudly hold the District Champion title for Netball and Handball.

Year 9

The options course begins in Year 9. 

This is for the purpose of enrichment.  This has proved effective in the last 5 years with GCSE PE results never falling below 93% A* – C. 

The practical performance of the students has been the cornerstone of this success, building on the foundations of years 7 & 8. 

The breadth of experience of the teaching staff in the faculty across the different sports means that the students on the GCSE course have the opportunity to play their sports to a high standard.  Again this is reflected in the extra curricular success. 

There is also opportunity at this stage for students to develop their skill base in more sports.  Table tennis, personal survival, and frequent visits to the public gym for fitness classes such as spinning. 

The school also builds in a number of visits to the course to professional sporting events in order to make the offer to the students for sport as broad as possible.

In Core PE, lessons are tethered as much as possible to the GCSE curriculum to refine and enhance learning.

Year 10

Year 10 is a big year for the practical performance of the GCSE students.

 Most of this year is spent developing to the standard of the GCSE syllabus and the skill base of the students. 

This gives them a very strong practical score base to go into Year 11 with.  

All the practical activities started on the Year 9 part of the course are developed to a GCSE standard.  This is a big year for practical development.  The students usually enjoy this. 

By the end of this year students have also completed their piece of coursework that is required.

In Core PE there is much more choice in the curriculum.  As far as is possible students are able to choose which activity they participate in at this stage of their school career.  This provides a welcome and essential outlet as the intensity of work in subjects across the curriculum increases.

Year 11

The GCSE Programme is solidly theoretical through the Autumn term in order to prepare students for the terminal exam. 

In the Spring Term the practical activities are revisited as the students prepare for Practical Moderation. 

Within this they also prepare for a verbal interview in their chosen sport.

After Easter lessons are purely for the purpose of revision.

The Core PE model very much flows from the year 10 model where as much student choice and voice is incorporated as possible. The PE Faculty also make it possible for students to participate in fitness at the local gym and take part in Zumba classes if they so desire.