Art Head

Mrs Phillips is the Curriculum leader of Art. She is rightly proud of her department and the state of the art facilities the Creative Arts Block provides. As a popular GCSE subject, this department has some excellent work on display for you to come and see.

Year 10

Students will be introduced to the basics of photography including – the basic camera functions, Photoshop, IMovie and editing software. 

Projects include ‘Memory Mosaics’ based on the work of Judith Golden.

This project combines fine art, mixed media and Photoshop. The second project is ‘Bringing the everyday to life’ which is uses animation and set design.

Year 11

Students will continue to develop their skills further by looking at the work of David Hockneys ‘ Joiners’. Students will also look at the art of ‘Portrait transformation’ and develop techniques in creating double exposure images.

Students receive their exam paper in the first week of January. There are seven questions for them to choose from and they have up to 8 weeks working on their preparatory studies. The 10 hour controlled assessment is delivered over two days. Once this is completed students have a small amount of time to complete any incomplete course work.