Miss Owens is the Curriculum Leader for Music. 

Year 7

In Year 7 a variety of Music is studied to include all tastes in order to give students a broad experience.

Students develop skills in performance, composition and listening. They all have to take part in developing keyboard skills and singing and can also have a go at playing guitar and drums. 

Examples of topics covered are:

  • Reggae Music
  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Medieval Music

Students also do band projects where they pick different instruments and perform together.

Music in Year 7 is all about enjoying and getting involved!

Year 8

In Year 8 students continue to study a variety of Music and develop the skills that they began to develop in Year 7.

Topics in Year 8 include:

  • Film Music
  • The Symphony
  • Song Writing

Students do another band project in which they can either develop their skills on the same instrument they used in the band project last year or they can develop skills on a new instrument.

Students are encouraged to perform by themselves and in groups and are also expected to make their own music and get involved in various listening activities.

Year 11

The Music GCSE is completed across a three year course. The board that we follow is OCR.

There are three main skills required from pupils who are on the GCSE course: Performing, Listening and Composing. Pupils must complete two compositions over the three year course.

They must also play or sing a solo and also perform as part of a group, so they must either play an instrument or sing. The listening side of the exam is assessed under exam conditions, the paper is 1hr30 long, pupils sit this exam at the end of Y11.