Computing Head

Miss Watson (BA (Hons) French and Linguistics, Lancaster, Maitrise from the Universite de Pau, Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching Computing, Chester University) is the Curriculum Leader for ICT/Computing and has been at Southlands since September 2002. She believes ICT and Computing are relevant and important subjects in our digital world. It’s impossible to keep up with the speed technology moves, but the faculty do their best to equip our students with the skills and knowledge to be good digital citizens!

In complete contrast to teaching in a well-equipped ICT room, Miss Watson has been extremely fortunate to visit The Gambia in West Africa with Southlands students four times so far. She describes it as an amazing experience to witness a totally different country and culture to our own, and to see what a difference Southlands has made to the community there.

Year 10

Using digital tools:

Your ICT work in Y10 covers a range of essential skills and knowledge for today’s digital world and offers you the chance to acquire important skills which all employers value highly. 

During Y10, you will complete your coursework where you will design and create a range of ICT products including office-orientated documents (spreadsheets, databases and reports), and design creative multimedia products such as a logo, interactive presentation, podcast, website/web app, video or animation.

Our work is based on the exam board’s project brief which changes every two years – recent projects have included organising a music festival and arranging a school prom.

These have involved researching and putting together a spreadsheet to calculate the finances, a database to keep track of performing artists and various multimedia promotional and information digital products.

We’ve had some really professional looking products in recent years as students enjoy the creativity of the coursework which combines ICT skills and a good eye for design. As well as your creative skills, you will need to be able to plan the designs before starting the final product, evaluate your products, act on feedback from others to improve them further as well as giving feedback to others as their test buddy. Your work is assessed by coursework throughout Year 10.

Year 11

Living in a Digital World:

We all live in a technology-driven world where it is hard to keep pace with the latest developments in hi-tech gadgets.

In Y11 GCSE ICT, you will learn about our online world and the current and emerging technologies we use every day such as smart phones, media players and cameras, navigation devices, and all shapes/sizes of computers.

We will look at how these technologies impact on our lives in areas such as communication, business, learning/education, leisure, entertainment, online shopping, banking, health and mobile technology on the move. 

You will find out more about the use of social media such as blogs, social networking and podcasting and working collaboratively.

An important issue will be security and privacy issues of using this technology.

You will learn about connecting to networks both large – the internet – and small – your home network, the equipment required and some of the considerations of setting up a home network, and being connected to a global network where security might be an issue.

All aspects of living in our digital world will be explored during the year so you are a better informed digital citzen!