Headteacher Commendations

Sophie Head, Sophie Heywroth and Rosa Robinson

These Year 7 students have finished making their products just in time for the end of term. Well done girls!

Sophie Head, Sophie Heyworth and Rosa Robinson

Charlotte Williams

Charlotte's monologue in English was fantastic!

Charlotte Williams1

Charlotte, Kayla and Kiara

These Year 7 students produced great pieces of writing in Geography, comparing and contrasting Lagos City and the slums of Makoko.

Charlotte, Kayla and Kiara

Oliver Mochan

Oliver produced a fantastic pieve of writing during DIRT time in Geography.

Faye Reeve-Halton

Faye took the initiative to share the Southlands Christmas Hamper Appeal with her neighbours and was able to bring in three bags full of donations.

Faye Reeve-Halton and Oliver Mochan

Dominic Mayo

Dominic improved his grade in PE immensely, acheiving 94% in the resit of his mock exam.

Jessica Beveridge

Jessica wrote a piece of creative writing of an amazing quality.

Jessica Beveridge