Business Studies

Miss Watson (BA (Hons) French and Linguistics, Lancaster, Maitrise from the Universite de Pau, Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching Computing, Chester University) is the Curriculum Leader for ICT/Computing and has been at Southlands since September 2002. She believes ICT and Computing are relevant and important subjects in our digital world. It’s impossible to keep up with the speed technology moves, but the faculty do their best to equip our students with the skills and knowledge to be good digital citizens!

In complete contrast to teaching in a well-equipped ICT room, Miss Watson has been extremely fortunate to visit The Gambia in West Africa with Southlands students four times so far. She describes it as an amazing experience to witness a totally different country and culture to our own, and to see what a difference Southlands has made to the community there.

Business in Action

In the second year of your Business Studies course, you will learn more about how businesses operate in today’s competitive world.

Using examples of local, national and global businesses, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of business ownership, business aims, objectives and mission statements, and why/how businesses start, succeed or fail.

The finances and profitability of a business are a key factor in its success  and having an awareness of the economy and the finances of a business is absolutely essential. 

Although each business has its own unique brand and ethos, there are some similarities in the way a business is organised, so it is important to know what each of the key department in a business does.

Stakeholders – everyone from shareholders to consumers and suppliers – have an influential role in a business and we will learn how they affect the decision –making process for a business.

As a future employee or owner of a business, it is essential to understand how to build good working relationships with your colleagues, and know how to fulfil your responsibilities, as well as to know your rights, so you will learn about the ‘human’ side of business.

The influence of business within our society is also an important consideration for business leaders and we will look at the ethics and environmental sustainability of businesses.