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At Southlands we believe that homework is a valuable part of a student’s education. Homework provides the opportunity for students to work independently of the teacher and to complete work outside the timetabled curriculum. Regular homework is important in raising student achievement and at Southlands homework is always set with this aim.

Homework is set regularly in each subject.  However the frequency is determined by the subject and nature of the homework.  Some homework is project based and will be given a longer deadline than a homework learning key words for example.

All homework is recorded on the online programme ‘showmyhomework’.  This records the homework task; relevant materials and any links to resources required.  Parents are provided with a log on password so that they can monitor their child’s progress; help with their organisation and offer support when needed.  Each student has their own personalised homework timetable through ‘showmyhomework’ which allows them to check their progress and complete homework on time.

Southlands’ Staff are always available for students to support them in their homework and where specialist advice is not required; students are able to complete their homework in the Southlands ‘Learning Zone’.